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About Us

How It All Started?

The best quality of our founders is to understand the problems and suggest the best solutions. They have traveled the world and during their visit to an African nation they met a renowned hair stylist with beautiful hairs. Later they got to know that her hairs were not real but she was wearing hair extensions. She informed that the best quality hair extensions are brought from Indian temples and are greatly demanded all over the world.


After meeting many other entrepreneurs, we realized that finding an entrusted hair extensions supplier is a problem. People get trapped with untrustworthy traders which do not supply qualitative offerings. They are experts of market gimmicks of level (9A,10A,11A) or offer hairs, Straight Bulk Hair from various countries such as Brazil. Today, the problem has been solved to some extent because of online websites where manufacturers are available. But to solve the problem to associate with an entrusted supplier our team took a step ahead.


We believe the best way to judge a manufacturer is to see their manufacturing facility as well as quality testing processes. But it is not that easy like it seems to visit hair extension manufacturers at their unit overseas or to ask them to send the samples. So we decided to create a great network with popular Indian manufacturers by meeting them and understanding their quality testing processes.

Our Process

Our of hundreds of manufacturers we have shortlisted some by meeting them at their unit and watch their processes as well as after testing their samples on various parameters. We believe that offering cheap quality extensions would increase ones margin of sales but decrease the clientele as well as the trust people have. It is identified that 90% of hair extensions are exported from India but sellers replace the chits and tell customers that they are from other much developed countries to attract clients. This shows that India has the highest number of hair extension manufacturers. The problems which are commonly faced in this business are:

  • How to identify a trustworthy hair extensions Indian manufacturer?
  • How to be sure about quality control system when the production of hair extensions is going on overseas?

We have emerged to offer entrepreneurs the best quality extensions by procuring an exceptional range from profound manufacturers. Once a manufacturer passes through our criteria only them it becomes our partner. Every time we receive order, our team make sure to re check the consignment, which they have already tested at the time of procurement. Customers choose us owing to the quality of products which we offer them, so we do not compromise with the quality.

On-boarding Process for Manufacturers

Out team visits different market places and make a list of manufacturers who are popular there for their qualitative offerings. Later a manufacturer success manager is appointed who meet each manufacturer and score them after asking some questions. Following are the factors which comes under our criteria to choose manufacturing partners:

  • Must have spent more than 10 years in the industry
  • Have at least 80% orders that are repeated
  • The manufacturer should knowledgeable and answer all questions about hair extensions confidently.
  • The workers of the company are properly trained
  • The equipments used during manufacturing process should be of high qualities
  • Equipments are upgraded on regular basis.
  • There is proper division between manufacturing process of non-remy and remy hair
  • The production unit is always kept clean
  • Lice and white hairs are disposed off away from the unit.

After finalizing a manufacturer through the above criteria, our experts check their samples of har extensions on several parameters. Following are the steps which are followed for testing process:

  • Burn test: This is done to make sure that only original hairs are used to make extensions.
  • Bleach test: This is done to check that only virgin remy hair are used.
  • Cuticle test: This test is done to ensure only virgin remy hair are used.
  • Washing: The test dine to expose the samples to different conditions to which they would be exposed in future. The extensions are washed in lukewarm water with some shampoos and conditioners. Then we check the hair tangles or not, is it easy is to comb, is there any shredding or not

Quality control process

The job is not completed only by finding a reliable manufacturer until there is not a stringent quality control system. At our unit a strict system is exercised for extensions manufactured by us also. We have created our in-house quality checklist which is followed by our quality professionals to ensure:

  • Procurement of high quality raw material
  • Segregation of raw material properly
  • Hair hackling according to single donor, double donor, multiple donors
  • Quality of stitch is good should be good
  • Application of special high quality glue
  • Washing in mild shampoos as well as conditioners
  • Only Natural drying of hair is done
  • Right amount of chemicals for processed hairs
  • Measurement of weight and length before packaging process


Out of numerous of manufacturers we are associated with some of them after observing their working methodologies. Our aim has always been to produce and procure good as well as supply the best to our valued customers. We provide great environment to our workers specially female workers. Due to a large network with manufacturers as well as a great premises, we are able to fulfill bulk requirements in less time.

A Strong Team

It is the employees who can make the company a leading one in the highly competitive market and thus are the indispensable part of a firm. The more they stand out in their work, the more will be the benefit of the company. We do have a strong team that works delicately and attends the training programs that company organizes for them to enhance their skills. They very well understand their duties for the company, and work accordingly, as they know that their effort reflects in the company profit and client satisfaction. We started from India (Delhi) and today our company is renowned all across the globe. Our sales offices are located in Europe (France) and North Americas (Canada) and we are spreading our business to other parts. Our sales office in France is operated under the guidance of Mr. Laurent Daney who is Business Development Manager: Europe. In addition to this, office located in Canada is mentored by Mr. Vivek Chauhan who is Business Development Manager: Canada. Both hold great experience of their respective domains and are the reason for our tremendous success.

Why Hair Originals?

We are counted as one of the biggest hair extension supplier all over India and in many foreign nations. Following are some of the factors which convince customers to chose us over others:

  • Reasonable Price
  • Premium Quality
  • Ethical trading values
  • Option of Customization